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Thurman Ray Plumlee, LCDR, USN (Ret)

Please Note: Below you will find a Sample Cover Letter and Résumé. However, unless you want to offer me a really exciting position, especially with great opportunities for travel, please do not use this résumé as a means of hiring me, rather as a way to get to know a little bit about me.

I would also consider an exciting short term position (for about 1 year) and I would consider relocating for that period. I would prefer to work from my home office, in the vicinity of your business, for most work but would consider spending occassional days in your office.

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Thurman "Ray" Plumlee


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Dear Sir/Madam:

You have indicated an interest in having Ray Plumlee submit a cover letter and resumé for the position of [ Example Position To Be Filled Here ] in the [ Example Broad Occupational Field Here ] field. My qualifications appear to be an excellent match for the [ Example Position or Job Title Here ] position, so I am enclosing my resumé for your consideration. My twenty-nine years of operations, maintenance and personnel management, leadership and multi-million dollar budgeting and accounting experience in the military service will provide a blend that should further their corporation's goals and increase efficiency. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated strong leadership, managerial, organizational skills and technical expertise with progressively responsible assignments. With the diversity of my job assignments, I have had to learn and succeed in many different professions.

Specifically, as a naval officer I have supervised over 200 civilian and military personnel, with the majority of the technicians being in the [ Example Broad Occupational Field Here ]. Admittedly, my hands-on experience with [ Example Position or Job Title Here ] is from my years in the Navy. However, I believe those incredably valuable years of experience have been the seeds for my continued success. My past career was one where an eighteen-year-old Seaman Recruit climbed up the enlisted and officer ranks to become a Lieutenant Commander, an accomplishment for which I am exceedingly proud.

I have extensive experience managing government contracts as the government's representative. This experience should give their company valuable insight and an advantage if I were the one dealing with their government contract administrators. I feel confident that my background has prepared me well for just such an opportunity as the Project Manager position would provide. Additionally, I have spent my entire career helping subordinates to develop professionally by example and formal in-house training programs.

After nearly two years of transition and relaxation I am anxious to return to a full time career. If I am chosen as the Project Manager, I will commit myself totally to their company's goals and mission.

I am profit oriented and not hung up on the fact that I was a military officer. I am confident in my abilities to perform well in this position and feel strongly that my extensive management experience will be an asset to their corporation and desire the opportunity to show that I have the personal chemistry to fit the position.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Thurman "Ray" Plumlee, Sr.

Encl.: Resume

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Updated: 19 April 2007

Objective:      A challenging full time position assisting a small busines with creating an online Web 2.0 website where the following skills and experiences can be utilized.

Skills:      Fiscal management for budgets over $200 million. Skilled in a variety of computer programs within DOS, Windows, and LINUX/UNIX operating systems. 10 years IT Systems experience such as Web Server operations to include: Apache Web Servers, Web 2.0, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML, PHP, Java Script and Perl programing. Over twenty-five years experience in the Navy's Maintenance Material Management System (3-M). Proficient in the Submarine Quality Control Program. Middle and upper management experience with various technical fields including Shipboard: electrical, electronic, structural, mechanical, environmental, nuclear weapons security, industrial safety, fire fighting and prevention. All positions required strong managerial abilities, leadership skills and personnel management of up to 400 personnel. Especially proficient in the use of Project Management. I have a quick mind with the ability to grasp complex concepts unrelated to previous training.

Experience:      On 1 Sept. 1994 completed 29 years naval service. Highest officer rank: Lieutenant Commander. Highest enlisted rank: Master Chief Electrician's Mate. Highest Security Clearance: Top Secret within the Personnel Reliability Program (PRP).

1996-Present: Internet Consultant, Web environment programmer, providing Internet Presence services such as; Web Development, eCommerce and Hosting Services for Small Businesses. Specific programming skills with PHP and MySQL databases on UNIX web servers. Maintain all fiscal and budgeting processes necessary for running a Small Business.

1994-1996: Transition period where I attended college, working part time for Boise Cascade Corp. as a watchman, fishing and learning to play golf.

Naval Officer from April 1979 to Sept. 1994 in the Navy Submarine Maintenance Program.

1992-1994: Environmental Division Head for Naval Submarine Base New London, CT

1991-1992: Head of Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Diver Training in the office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Submarine Warfare, Pentagon, Washington, DC.

1989-1991: Small Boat Operations Manager on the staff of Commander Submarine Squadron Fourteen, Holy Loch, Scotland.

1988-1989: Chief Engineering Officer aboard steam powered Submarine Tender, USS Emory S. Land.

1986-1988: Head of Structural Repair Division at TRIDENT Refit Facility, Bangor WA.

1984 -1986: Dock Master and Waterfront Manager at TRIDENT Refit Facility, Bangor WA.

1983-1984: Main Propulsion Manager and Acting Chief Engineer aboard diesel powered Submarine Tender, USS Holland.

1981-1983: Head of Structural Repair Division aboard the Submarine Tender, USS Mckee.

1979-1981: Dock Master and Ship Repair Head aboard the Floating Dry-dock, USS Los Alamos.

1966-1979: Enlisted service in various supervisory positions relating to interior communications, shipboard electrical generation, distribution and shipboard damage control. Qualified in submarine and surface combatant ships.

Collateral Duties: Held Top Secret security clearance for supervision of nuclear weapons; Special Projects Manager for multimillion dollar pier renovation; Organization's safety, environmental and training manager; Casualty Response Training Team Leader, Magistrate for military pre trial confinement hearings; President of General Court-martials; Presiding Judge for Summary Court-martials. Presiding Officer of Administrative Discharge Review Boards. Informal investigating officer for Navy Judicial System (JAG Investigations).

Education:      Boise State University, Boise Idaho with 160 semester credits (120 required for graduation) with major in Technical Communications. Numerous technical courses in management, Total Quality Management, leadership, electrical/electronics and navigation during naval service.

References:      List of references and portfolio available for review at interview.

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