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Thurman "Ray" Plumlee, Sr.
Lieutenant Commander, U. S. Navy, Retired

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Hi, my name is Thurman "Ray" Plumlee. Sr. I retired from the U. S. Navy in September 1994 after 28 years 5 months and 14 days service (Who was counting Ha! Ha!) After more than four years of transition and relaxation, I returned to a full time career. With the links listed on the left you will find information about my Navy career, hobbies and my Internet Consulting business, a copy of my now unnecessary Resume, a sample generic cover letter and other "stuff" to help you learn a little about me. Unless you want to make me an exciting offer, do not use my resume to offer me a position. My business, World Wide Web Helper, is one of the most rewarding enterprises I have ever undertaken.

As you have probably guessed, computers are one of my hobbies. My other hobbies are discussed in the sections titled "Hobby" and "Writing's."

New Navy Resource I am asking for your help with creating an online database of recipes for us bachelors that is healthy and easy to prepare. Go here to see what has been added and to contribute one of your own recipes.